Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My Brain's Gone Old Style

You may notice I've made some changes in my blog. Blogger has added a critical feature (that of comments with email notification) that made taking time out from my already overbooked schedule critical. The sad part about this change is the old post comments are lost to the blog. However, just so you know, I kept copies of everything and really appreciate the comments, even those I had no time to reply to.

Mariko said in response to the question of historical accuracy that might bend minds to accept something now inappropriate: Hogwash.

Okay, so I paraphrased ;). I just wanted to say, I agree with you entirely and disagree with you entirely. While in a perfect world understanding where we came from and that a human mind can indeed sink so low is important, the risk is there. Though many people can read about a killer and identify with the person without accepting killing as a moral and acceptable action, I'm not so sure the same holds true when faced with the logic of whole societies. There are enough splinter groups who currently believe in things I find repugnant to show that what was acceptable in the past has not entirely slipped off the human grid. While some would learn, others would find validation. Is that necessarily an argument to smooth the edges of the past with the beliefs of the present? No, I don't believe so. On the other hand, I think writers should be aware of the potential impact and make their choices consciously. Have that morally repugnant character serve a real purpose and don't target the book to those who are still forming their understanding of right and wrong and by all means I'd prefer an accurate portrayal. To paraphrase a little less liberally, I hope: Those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it. In today's world, how many are willing to dive into dusty textbooks. And yet, that same information conveyed in a narrative form can enthrall millions.

Okay, enough. Apparently, the jury (my little mental one) is still out on this issue. Luckily, as of yet, I don't write historical fiction. Someday, I'll probably have to face this issue head on.