Friday, February 02, 2007

Old Book Review Sidebar

Well, I did the blog review reform thing a while back, but I kept the sidebar because...I don't know, lazy maybe :). Keeping the books changing when I read one to two a week though has become just as not happening as the reviews. In fact, the reviews happen more often than the sidebar gets updated. So, this is the first of two new "book" posts. This is just an archive of my previous comments and a quick link to the reviews. I'll put a link to this post in the sidebar so it's easy to find.

The second is something I'm stealing from a friend who stole it from a group. Basically, I'm starting to track my to read pile in a spreadsheet. I'll make one post that I'll also point to in the sidebar. This will contain a table with my TBR pile contents and their status. Who knows, maybe people will poke me as to what should bubble up to the top first.

  • The Privateer
    Jon Williams: My hubby has been recommending the series. It is by Walter Jon Williams under a penname and if you love sea tales like Hornblower and Ramage, you should give this a try.

  • Almost A Lady
    Jane Feather: Bantam Books Advanced Reader copy

  • Bitten and Smitten
    Michelle Rowen: Won in a blog contest.

  • Midnight Rain
    Holly Lisle: Because Holly has never let me down yet.

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