Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2009 TBR and Read Books

This is a list of the books I have on hand to read for 2009 and my progress in doing so. This is a small portion of the actual books in my TBR bookcase (no, that is not a typo), but it's the ones currently on the short list :).

TitleAuthorFromDate addedDate ReadReadBlogged
Manhunt in the Wild WestJessica Andersongift01/12/200901/14/2009x 
Texas-Sized SecretsElle Jamesgift01/15/200901/15/2009x 
Silent GuardianMallory Kanegift01/15/200901/15/2009x 
Queen's BastardC.E. Murphybookstore04/30/200801/20/2009xx
Around-the-Clock ProtectorJan Hambrightgift01/12/200901/20/2009x 
The Domino MenJonathan BarnesEos Books Early Reader01/06/200902/03/2009xx
Who's Who in Non-Classical MythologyEgerton Sykes and Allen KendallXmas present12/24/2007*x 
Gotham Writers' Workshop: Writing FictionAlexander Steelegift04/04/2008*x 
Dream ManLinda HowardSteph Tyler (stephanietyler.com) in exchange for the progress bar05/15/2005   
Field of DishonorDavid Webergift04/25/2007   
Son of ThunderMurray J.D. Leederborrowed05/05/2007   
Cold GraniteStuart MacBrideblog contest on http://www.mercuryranch.org by Jean Schara07/05/2007   
The Skewed ThroneJoshua Palmatierbookstore08/04/2007   
Memoirs of a GeishaArthur GoldenBookcrossing11/11/2007   
Blood SecretsVivi AnnaBookcrossing11/11/2007   
Sirius: The Dog StarMartin H. Greenberg and Alexander PotterXmas present12/24/2007   
WorldWiredElizabeth Bearbookstore02/02/2008   
JudgeKaren Travissbookstore04/30/2008   
Breaking PointSuzanne Brockmannbookstore04/30/2008   
TinkerWen Spencerbookstore05/12/2008   


Jean said...

Anxious to hear what you think of Cold Granite.

Margaret said...

I think Colin loved it. Me, I gave it to him first and... Sigh. I wish I could read faster. Mebbe I'll give it a shot after I finished the latest (and last :() Darkyn.