Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday's Interesting Links...on Saturday

What I’m Reading:

I just finished Soulless by Gail Carriger. It’s the first of her Alexia Tarabotti series and combines supernatural romance with Victorian England and a touch of steampunk. I’m planning a more lengthy review, but let me just say that I lost a few good work hours to this novel because I didn’t want to put it down. Delightful in all the right ways with enough interpersonal conflict to keep me reading and a big enough external plot to set the characters up royally. I highly recommend Soulless to anyone with a taste for adventure and love in Victorian times.


The link pickings are a little spare this week, largely because I’ve been NaNo focused and Thanksgiving distracted, but I hope you find something of interest below.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stages of Readers: A Manifesto

Last night I went to see a high school performance of a play that I have now seen three times, A Servant of Two Masters. This is not a major play like Cats, and I hadn't sought it out, but coincidence or what have you led me to seeing this same play multiple times. The first time was at a community theater in Alameda, California, enough years ago that I didn't remember having seen it until the events in the play the second time were too familiar to be dismissed. The second performance was last year on a school trip (you bet I volunteered :)) to Ashland, Oregon to see a portion of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival that is ongoing there. And the third, as I mentioned, was a local high school. (to read more)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's Interesting Links

What I’m reading

Fast Ships, Black Sails is, as I mentioned last week, a pirate-focused anthology that has some wonderful tales in it. This anthology spans the gambit of the past, future, and even pirates with fur over more than their chins. I could not name a favorite as I almost always found the next story as captivating as the previous, and only one story did not resonate with me at all, but it may very well be the favorite for someone else. The stories were sweet, creepy, thoughtful, and just down right strange, held together by a love of the nautical and the mystery of the pirate life. At first I thought these yarns focused only on the pirates, but there are a few, later in the book, that take the perspective of those hunting the pirates. All in all, it’s a good, broad look at different perspectives on pirates, contained in a series of fun stories by talented authors.



Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Interesting Links

What I’m reading

NaNo has started and I’ve got a lot going on so my reading has slowed down. That said, I’m currently taking in Fast Ships, Black Sails, a pirate-focused anthology that has some wonderful tales in it so far, some quite creepy, but still wonderful.


I’ve varied between calling myself an optimistic realist and a realistic optimist most of my life with few segues into pessimism. Personally, this works for me. (more…)

Check out the additional posts over at Tales to Tide You Over as well.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Interesting Links times two

Oops. I forgot to cross-post last week's Interesting Links, so those of you who missed the notice about my new blog may not have seen them.

For October 31st:
It must still be Friday because I haven’t been to sleep yet, right? World Fantasy is a wonderful experience, with interesting panels, enjoyable readings, and fascinating people to talk to (including a discussion on overuse of adjectives ). Anyway, I haven’t had much time to read email, even less time to read online materials, so the showings are a little sparse, but I think some are worth it.


You don’t have to be Superman anymore to have X-Ray vision:

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November 6th:
It’s Friday, which means it’s time to post interesting links. However, I have not had the chance for much web reading, so the pickings are extremely slim. All right, one. I have one interesting link for you, but it’s very interesting.


Native language is something absorbed before even birth, according to this study:

That said, I did finish reading Escapement by Jay Lake...
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