Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Interesting Links times two

Oops. I forgot to cross-post last week's Interesting Links, so those of you who missed the notice about my new blog may not have seen them.

For October 31st:
It must still be Friday because I haven’t been to sleep yet, right? World Fantasy is a wonderful experience, with interesting panels, enjoyable readings, and fascinating people to talk to (including a discussion on overuse of adjectives ). Anyway, I haven’t had much time to read email, even less time to read online materials, so the showings are a little sparse, but I think some are worth it.


You don’t have to be Superman anymore to have X-Ray vision:

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November 6th:
It’s Friday, which means it’s time to post interesting links. However, I have not had the chance for much web reading, so the pickings are extremely slim. All right, one. I have one interesting link for you, but it’s very interesting.


Native language is something absorbed before even birth, according to this study:

That said, I did finish reading Escapement by Jay Lake...
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deirdrebeth said...

Considering how many cities are already blanketed with cameras, I would imagine the cost of implementing the x-ray system wouldn't even be that high (on a civic/federal level). Of course getting permission to tap into other folk's feeds...

Margaret said...

True, but then there's questions of discrimination that arise :). After all, those of us driving cars from the early 90s wouldn't have the gadgets to read the info :).

Anonymous said...

... and then you get near a corner, and see mr/mrs XXXX coming from the other side, still behind the block. you do that quick u-turn, and just saved your day.

now just think what name you could fill in for that XXXX above ... and how many.

greetings - H -