Friday, January 26, 2007

Read One of My Chapters and General Notes

Hey folks, I don't normally cross over my writing and this blog except as it pertains to book reviews, but maybe some of you are curious to see my writing anyway ;).

I've entered my science fiction novel, Shafter, into the First Chapters contest. If you're curious and would be willing, please click the link below and rate Shafter's first chapter with your honest opinion. You do have to join to rate, but the membership is free. I'm not looking for popularity votes, just people's impressions. If nothing else, the comments are very interesting.

The first chapter will only be available until February 7th, then, if everything goes well, the second chapter will be up for reading.

Chapter One of Shafter by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

And the general notes are that I'm doing a bit of a redesign of Stray Thoughts (with some help from my aesthetic friend, Val :)) and so some of the things you're used to are disappearing. The old sidebar with links to the books and reviews will be available as a post permanently linked on the sidebar as will the Mailing List information. The new version of Blogger won't let me keep them there as I had them before so I'm working out some technical details.


Jean said...

I like it. "She twitched her arm" took me out of the story for a second. Other than that, a solid engrossing read that I want more of.

Margaret said...

Thanks Jean. I'm going to collect all the specific comments like yours and do another quick tidy after the contest :).