Saturday, January 10, 2004

Where'd my keystrokes go?

Okay, maybe it's not profound, but to a multitasker, there is nothing more frustrating than doing a rapid switch between windows on the computer and typing away only to discover the switch hasn't activated the text box. So, what happened to my perfect sentence or witty aside? Where can I recover those words; restore my thoughts?

So far, I haven't found the keystrokes anywhere. They're not on the old application or the new. They've slipped in between to nestle somewhere in my computer session never to be seen again....

Or are they? Do they build up in some hidden buffer just to spill over randomly and put a "j" in kilobyte or an extra "e" in weird? Do our half-thoughts take on a life of their own and add a new layer to the intelligence growing in our operating systems? What ever could the answer be?

And now, back to your regular programming.

Hey, I promised stray thoughts, didn't I? :)

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