Friday, May 13, 2005

New Feature

Okay, this is a little different than what I normally put up on this blog, but I'm playing with the concept of a new feature that will both encourage me to read and maybe expose you all to some new books for you to enjoy. I'll put what I'm reading in the side bar, and when I finish the various books, I'll drop a post in that will say how I reacted to the item in question. Now you can see just how long it takes me to finish a book :). The books/magazines are linked back to places where you can purchase them, taken from the author's website where possible.

My current reads:

* Gods Old and Dark, the third in a Holly Lisle trilogy that I have been enjoying. This is my first time reading it (I don't generally reread books) and I'm already having the "oh, I'll just read to the end of the scene" issue with hanging out on breaks longer than I should.

* Zeotrope - All Story, a mainstream fiction magazine that I've been considering for a market. I picked up an old issue at a book faire.


Voter Mom said...

Good idea about the "reading" links. I'm always interested in what my online friends are reading.
(What will you do as teh list of books grows though?)
Btw, I just figured out how to put links on my blog and added you. At some point I'll figure out how to do links on my lj , too.

Margaret said...

Hmm, I'll have to come up with a reading archive somehow. That link spot is only for what I'm currently reading or else it would grow too large.

Thanks on the linking. I haven't gotten into that yet, but I may. I wanted to keep this blog an island, but *shrug*.

Valerie Comer said...

Mar, I've posted every single book I've read since January the first on my blog's sidebar. It comes all the way to ten at present, and I think I read more than you do. Don't worry about running out of room right away! I figure I'll prune out the oldest ones after awhile.

Margaret said...

Val, what a sad commentary :p. And I'm hoping not TOO accurate. I'm keeping my 200 pages per week goal and now that I'm back to using it for fiction, I plan to MEET that goal :).

Valerie Comer said...

Yes, I'd forgotten about your 200 page goal. I don't have goals for reading, partly because of the sad state of my small town library. Most of what I come across that I *have* to read has to come in by inter-library loan, and that takes time, and they only allow two at a time. The former ILL gal often waived that rule for me, but this one sticks to her guns. Of course, the new one is also the one who lets me see advance lists and help pick what this library BUYS so I shouldn't whine. (You know me, I will anyway...)