Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Day in the Life Take 2

And for your pure enjoyment, another day in my life:

My kids had an interesting assignment a few years ago called unfortunately/fortunately. They have to write a story in which fortunate and unfortunate events happen that accelerate something simple into something excessive. That's what my morning felt like. Let's see if you agree.

I work until midnight or one every night/morning and require a ton more than 4 hours sleep. Fortunately, my boys are old enough and responsible enough to get themselves ready for school. I'm usually awake before they leave, but often just barely. After they leave, I go do my wash up, which I do in the altogether.

This morning, unfortunately, Jacob forgot his school backpack. Even more unfortunately, his backpack has the key to the house that the boys share. He pounds on the door and I finally connect that it's not the boys playing another silly door game. So, I throw on my knee-length, hot pink, washed-silk robe (looks like a smoking jacket and is really soft) and run for the door as he starts ringing the doorbell.

I open the door with a reasonable expectation that he's waiting on the other side. But no! Rather than waiting, they're trying to break into the back yard (how that would have helped I don't know since the house is still closed up in the morning). Anyway, into that wide open space, our indoor escape artist slipped, prompting me to say VERY loudly *SHIT* and run out in my pseudo-sexy robe and bare feet to chase after him. I glance across the way, and there's one of my neighbors and her daughter staring back at me. LUCKILY, I unlocked the door first or we would have been in a pretty, pink, pickle.

Yes, I got the cat back in. Yes, I got the boys off to school. And yes, I took my blushing self (now matching my robe) back into the house to finish washing up and facing the day.

At least no one almost died this time...other than of embarrassment that is.

My dear friends tell me I should put this is a novel, but I don't write chick lit and why would I torture a character like this? Wasn't it bad enough in real life? :)


Jean said...

Reminds me of the USA Today commercial where the guy staying in the hotel goes reaches out of his room (while in the buff, of course) and gets locked out.

Must have definitely livened up the neighbors' day. :)

Margaret said...

LOL. So now I'm living a commercial. That explains a lot :p.

Deirdre said...

Hey at least it was knee robe of similar description goes just below indecent. I'm pretty sure if I were chasing a cat in it that *just below* would be a thing of the past!

Margaret said...

You got me there, but I wouldn't go to answer the door in something less than full covering, regardless of its nature.

Nonny said...

Yeah, what Deidre said ... most of my robes are either short or transparent. >_<

(I have a couple that are "decent," but trying to find anything when you need it right effin' now is a royal pain in the ass.)


Valerie Comer said...