Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lea Schizas Appreciation Day

When I first heard of a day to recognize the contributions Lea Schizas has made, I signed up immediately because I think the people who contribute their time to helping others deserve the recognition, and at the same time, it helps build awareness of what resources are out there for those trying to find, or improve, their footing.

I learned of Lea through the Muse Online Conference. I saw a post about it last year, made a note to sign up, and figured I could participate in a few interesting chats and carry on with my life. Boy was I wrong :). The conference had the same gloriously overwhelming abundance of information about writing techniques, publishing, preparing submissions, and a ton of other topics offered in both chat and listserv format. I found myself unable to keep up with the loads of assignments I wanted to participate in, but those that I managed were strong and fun.

Since then, when I would have collapsed into a puddle of exhaustion, Lea has kept the listserv running, and continues to both encourage good writing questions and share her own experiences to help answer those questions. She's run a class to help beginners build a writing website and hosted several chat classes for this time between the conferences.

But I think the strongest testament to her influence is watching the people who have taken what they learned and ran with it. Several people have participated in blog tours, both hosting and being hosted; interviews are mentioned; and chats are being hosted.

I haven't had the time yet to implement even a fraction of what I've learned through Lea, but I know that learning will be there when I'm ready.

Me, I like to go to conferences in my pajamas ;) and I hope to see Muse Online continue to grow and attract even more writers, agents, editors, and publishers.

And while I spoke about the conference, that's not the sum total of Lea's contributions. Check out these links to know more about what she has to offer and I hope to see you at the conference next October. Just be prepared, and like any other conference, don't plan to get much other stuff done :).

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