Saturday, November 03, 2007

Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen

And you thought I'd let the week slip by without a review after all this :). Since I'm in such a cheery mood, I thought I'd share a cheery book with you. I wish I could write humor like Michelle Rowen does...heck, I wish I could write humor ;).

Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen

(Acquired: bookstore)

A while back, I won a book in a blog contest, a light-hearted romance called Bitten & Smitten that had even my two young sons rolling in the aisles and quoting back the pieces I'd read to them. When I saw Michelle Rowen's second novel on the bookstore shelf, I remembered how much we had enjoyed the first and snatched it up. Then it lingered almost a year on the to-be-read pile waiting for a chance, a chance that came just three days ago (from 7/12/07) when, upon finishing a literary retelling of Theseus, I wanted something light and easy. Angel with Attitude offers that in spades. I got sucked in almost immediately and had to fight my way out several times because I have so much to do that I can't spend a day reading. The characters are compelling, their troubles make sense, and in between all the struggles and worries, there are a good number of laughs as well. My only quibble is a problem with unclear pronouns, especially "she" when two female characters are involved. I suspect this comment won't come as a surprise, since the book has at least two points when it laughs at itself through comments clarifying the character reference. Anyway, Angel with Attitude won't disappoint. And I'm planning to pick up the next by Michelle, and the next, and the next...

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