Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Interesting Links

For those that are curious, my links come from a variety of sources. I get some on Twitter, others from the various forums and listservs I belong to, still more from emails and newsletters, not to mention the ones pointed out by friends and family, as well as those discovered in my own meandering through the web. These are only an excerpt of the volume I read and assess, but these are the ones I thought others might find interesting. By the way, though I categorize, just because you might not be a writer, for example, doesn't mean the things I am bringing to your attention are without interest to a broader population. Give it a try, then tell me what you thought in the comments.


What does Alaska and the Moon have in common?


Client perspective on agents

Positive fallout from queryfail/agentfail

A look at how a publicist works

Laura Anne Gilman on outlining for editors

What Dollhouse can teach

Insight into editors' interest

Agent's thoughts on book doctors (mixed into the post)

Unpublished romance novel contest

What an agent's job actually is

First Novels

Social Networking

Thoughts on blog audience

Twittered out?


Article about the impact of fiction in life

Thoughts on eReaders and the future

A blast from the past

Sharing Chores?

Deadly Pancakes?

Whether you agree with the political bit at the end, I think the overall social message here is a critical one:

The Not To Do List

YouTube Education

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