Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday's Interesting Links


From my friend Val who has determined I must share this punctuation torture with you :D.


An editor's perspective on how she approaches the submission pile:

QueryDay summary for those of us who couldn't follow all of it:

About local authors and indie bookstores:

Justice Department Interested in Google Settlement:

A free workshop to get in touch with your muse. You do need to be a member of Forward Motion (FM) and logged in to follow the link. (If not, go here first: and click "join." The account is free.):

For years, one of the FM mods, Justin, with the occasional help of others, has put together a daily prompt. I have converted these into a random prompt generator that snags those efforts and gives you one or more depending on your request. Go check them out (Note: this is open to everyone, not just FM members):


A list of ad campaigns that went South quick for your amusement?

Here I thought friendliness in email was all about the smilie ;), but apparently I need to throw in one or two of these: !!!!! Or maybe five :D.

And how sometimes the most delectable victims...are not:


I've known about the Espresso Book Machine for a while, but this article has actual pictures:

Interesting comic (literally) take on books and publishing:

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