Monday, December 07, 2009

Snowmageddon, or A True Life Adventure

It’s been a while since I posted a canary post, but it seems the universe isn’t done making my everyday life interesting.

I went down to the Bay Area (a drive of 4 hours in good weather and about 6 in bad) to go to my parents’ caroling party. Great fun was had by all and many songs were sung. The trip was totally worth it.

That said, the way back became a little more interesting than expected.

I knew a snow storm was coming in the evening, so I said I had to leave by 10am the latest…and I did leave by 10 exactly. As we were packing my car with leftovers my parents were happy for my family to consume instead of them, my father made a complete groaner. He said, “Well, if you get stuck at Donner, feel free to eat our party.” I hadn’t expected it to be quite so prophetic. (more…)

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