Friday, March 06, 2009

Interesting Links

Maybe I'll make this a Friday tradition, a once a month tradition, or maybe never again, but I started collecting some links I thought you all would find interesting. They cover writing, science and free books.


Peter Cox on why not to POD your submission manuscript.

Dame Kaz on finishing what you start.

Colleen Lindsay on book lengths.

Janet Reid on the fallability of rejections (or why not to give up when you're rejected).

Linnea Sinclair on Point of View.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity (Note: This is a video and it auto starts so check your volume)

Science and Tech
The gene for new teeth discovered (Imagine replacing damaged teeth with new real ones!)

Asteroid passed close to the Earth...close on a cosmic scale at least.

A chance for a free book each week:

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