Friday, March 20, 2009

More Interesting Links

Hmm, here it is Friday again and I haven't posted anything. Luckily, I've been collecting another group of interesting links and the list is getting pretty long.


A couple of the Twitter folks I follow linked to this. I usually go with pandora radio, but this is cool too.


From a friend of mine

Random House's version of Baen's Free Library


Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner on word counts:

Literary Agent Janet Reid on what to skip in fiction queries:

And another from Janet Reid regarding being prepared:

A breakdown of the important cues in #queryfail, a Twitter event where agents pointed out what made them reject queries

Linked by Literary Agent Colleen Lindsay (read a lot of agent blogs? Who me???) about the economics of beginning agents:

Amusing response to the #queryfail Twitter event:

Literary Agent Kate Schafer Testerman live blogging her query pile:

And a prime example of why it's important to do your research and know the proper way to do things:

And for a change of pace, Guy Gavriel Kay's thoughts on blogging for authors:


The Noble's pygmy frog is the tiniest frog species known in the Andes

This belonged somewhere between Writing and Science but...Paleopathology: Injuries & Abnormalities (images):

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