Saturday, July 04, 2009

Interesting Links


I'll admit that I'm still on the periphery of the romance industry, so maybe everyone else already knows this, but I found the following blog post an eye opener to how Romance Writers of America runs their conference and the potential issues/gains of a larger electronic publishing presence:

A description of how not to respond to a review, and a reminder that the Internet is a public space:

And for those who might not know about it, I work on a free ezine for writers that has a lot of useful articles. Even more, Zette is doing a series on how writers thing about various things that has garnered responses from an interesting mix of authors:

A little writing fun with an edge:

And another that should least with me.

For those still under the delusion that writing is all about a wooden desk and a sniffer full of brandy...

Another round of publishing definitions. Each one seems to bring another word to the table or slightly different definitions. I find the variations interestings, but this is aimed at beginning writers who may not know the basic terms:


I'm not a Californian anymore, but I have friends and family down here. That's not why I'm linking to the following video though. I think there's a bigger implication here, and it's a wonderful one. Maybe through tools like YouTube, Twitter, etc., the American public will start to wake up more to what it means to be in a democracy (okay a republic :p), and step up in the political arena so that we/they are less stepped on. Our representatives can only represent what they know.

Fun coupon offers for those who live in big cities:


What happened to familiarity breeds contempt? Or is that only in the human animal? Ants, it seems, think in different ways.

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