Friday, July 31, 2009

Interesting Links

As some of you already know, I back my files up nightly. Now before you suspect a huge calamity, I didn't lose anything exactly, but I thought I'd give you another example of the benefit to sending a Zip file to your Gmail account each night. I'm on the road. I thought I put my latest version of the interesting links file on my laptop mini, but I'd copied an older (and empty) file. So I just downloaded my last incremental backup and found that I'd made additions to the interesting links (because otherwise I would have had to move back a day to find it). Otherwise, you would have been out an interesting links for this week since I'm not at home. And I learned something else...I need to add a copy of the contents doc too because downloading and opening each one in hopes of finding a specific doc is a pain :).


An interesting follow up on the cover controversy I mentioned last week, with some more reactions from a broader audience and a fascinating comment from within the publisher's ranks.

An insightful look at the impact of Amazon's influence on the online book marketplace. Some things to think about.,0,6189272.story


Lucienne Diver breaks down query letter do's and don'ts.

An excellent breakdown of the lessons fairytales offer to writers:

Grammar humor. Gotta love it.

And now vocabulary. I had to include this one if for nothing else but the Princess Bride reference. However, I only quibbled about one (I think) of his "absolutes," and overall the advice is solid.

When I started out, I was determined to be a science fiction writer/reader. I've mentioned on my blog before why that is, but also that fantasy as a genre has matured into something that captures my interest and even my heart. So when I see something like this, discrimination for the sake of making other people feel small, I just want to scream. But she said it much better than I would:


Tips on what to include on your author website

Tips on how to promote a novel


And hope for a little yellow dog named Pluto. Umm, that would be a distant solar object of the same name ;).

Algae as the newest source of crude oil?

New information on how the "hands" that stir the pot of the ocean.


Deb Salisbury said...

Thank you! You've given us a lot of useful and entertaining links.

I can tell I haven't been to a SF/F convention in a long time. I was unaware of the anti-fantasy contingent. That is a sad development.

Margaret said...

I can't say I've run into it personally at conventions, but then my short stories are as much SF as fantasy. And honestly, if you look back on my blog to the Arabian Nights post, people might consider me one of the anti-fantasy contingent. I was for a bit, but more of fantasy doesn't offer what I'm looking for than no one should be reading it. Now, I don't see the radical difference between anthropological SF and modern fantasy, but I think that's a maturation of fantasy, not a diminishment of anthropological SF. Shrug.