Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Interesting Links

Quite a few links this week. Hope you find one or two that resonates.


Plans for a permanent full-service space:

Archeology has had some interesting breakthroughs, the first two technological and the third happenstance:

We've come a long way from interpretation ultrasounds..."is that a foot?"

Zombie Ants?

Interesting breakdown of why whales have lungs not gills:


An interesting twist on the Amazon-Orwell uproar. A case where a student lost real work (annotated notes) because of the deletion without notice.

That cover art blowup I mentioned earlier? The effort has borne fruit:


Agent Janet Reid weighs in on the issue of submission exclusives:

Some good tips on writing strong sentences:

Writing your author biography:

Nice guidelines for catching pacing issues:

Quick lesson on novel pitches for conferences.

Explanation of 10 myths about copyright (+1)

Keeping your focus on what's important in writing:

An agent's perspective on manuscripts that don't sell:

Agent Jenny Bent is doing a series on understanding publishing contracts, starting here:

And another change to the publishing arena: meet deadlines or else. On the other hand, I know of at least one midlist author who got opportunities she might not have had otherwise because she had a reputation for coming in on time.


Interesting experiment in kindness and the nature of it.

There's been a time or two when I could have used one of these: (I used to wake up on the other side of the San Mateo Bridge during my commute several times a week...not a problem except that I was the driver :P.)

This could go in a number of categories, but it's a good breakdown of the issues we have with motivation by an old college friend I just rediscovered on the web.


An excellent take on author blurbs. How to approach authors so that it's a good experience for everyone.

Step-by-Step directions on creating an author podcast:

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